Imagine controlling your lighting, your HVAC, your pool, to your cameras; we are experts at integrating your whole home or business to bring it to your mobile devices, controlled over your network.
There are a number of different Integration/AV options available including remote operation and total automation. Recent technological advancements in integration/av systems has brought the price down in recent years.
Remote appliance control
You don't necessarily have to rewire your entire home to indulge in a little automation. Many people link their appliances together with fairly simple wireless components. One popular example is the automated stove. With an automated stove, you can program it to start preheating at a certain time of day so it's ready for use when you get home from work. Another popular option is remote control lighting, which allows homeowners to control household lighting from anywhere and boost home security.
Total integration
This can refer to either the total automation of a room or the total automation of your whole house.   The extent to which you can automate a room will depend entirely on your budget.
 Latest trends
Many people are turning to intigration/av for home security. Integration/AV systems offer a unique way to monitor your property while you're not home using Internet protocol cameras stationed throughout the home. These cameras can send and receive date over the Internet and be controlled remotely through a smartphone or your computer.